Mar 12, 2014

As a ski-bum-at-heart, I love the winter.   After one of the most brutal ones in recent memory, yesterday I got a taste of spring and welcomed the 50 degree weather and dreamt of shorts, flip flops, and barbecues with friends.  Today, 8 inches of fresh snow.  So much from spring.  Regardless, watching it fall this morning made me think of a few things: Every sunrise is like God painting a watercolor for us to wake up to.  My dogs are great alarm clocks.  Somehow my Tim Horton’s coffee doesn’t taste the same as when they make it.  I should take my dad out to lunch.  Correction, I want to take my dad out to lunch.  My problems are someone else’s blessings.  Be thankful.  When was the last time I truly did something nice and unexpected for someone and why don’t I do that more often?  How can I use my talents for a higher good?  Thank God I have a snowblower.  My chiropractor must miss me.  I am not where I thought I would be, and that is okay. Coffee tastes better when it is in a mug you love.   I need to buy more creamer.


frozen snowflakes

Mar 10, 2014

There is a lot of talk among photographers whether Pinterest is good or bad for the industry.  Personally, I like Pinterest from a creative standpoint.  It allows me to see what others are doing and serves as an opportunity and challenge for me to deconstruct the photo while asking, “How did they do that?”  From a client standpoint, it can be quite dangerous in terms of expectations.  Magic like that doesn’t just happen.  The sun doesn’t hang at the perfect height for long and that breeze slightly lifting her hair and dress can’t be ordered on command.  It is well planned and perfectly executed by a joint effort from the models and the photographer.  Overall, I will say that Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration on both user ends – photographer and client.

Here are some things that you can do to make your engagement photos Pinterest-worthy.


Show Up on Time

The most important aspect of a shoot isn’t the location; it is the lighting.  There are two times during the day that are ideal for taking engagement photos, when the light is the softest – about an hour before dusk and an hour after dawn.  You can shoot midday, provided you can find some shade or it is an overcast day, but if you are looking for that sun-kissed, golden hue photo of you and your fiancé, the window for that happening is quite small, so you need to arrive on time.

lens flare engagement

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