Nov 15, 2015

Last week, I had my first free weekend since practically April.  It was amazing.  With such a busy schedule of meeting with potential clients, helping brides with their timelines, location scouting, shooting, editing, engagement sessions, weddings, and all of the tasks that go into the actual running of the business, I haven’t had a chance to shoot for myself in a long time.  With the Macomb Ballet Company’s upcoming performance of The Nutcracker, I asked one of the former lead dancers, Hannah, if she would be willing to head downtown to take some portraits.  For the past several months, I have been following The Ballerina Project on Instagram and have been inspired by the beauty and elegance of the dancers.  There is a certain aura and femininity of the images that I want to incorporate into my bridal portraits.  Together, Hannah and I headed down to Detroit and got to explore the city before it woke up.  It is amazing how quiet the city is in the early hours after sunrise.  It served as the perfect backdrop for our session.

Ballerina in Detroit 1

Ballerina in Campus Martius, Detroit

Ballerina in Eastern Market Detroit

Ballerina in Detroit 4

Ballerina in Detroit 5

This upcoming year, I am going to schedule more personal projects and shoots.  I can already see how creating an ongoing body of work, outside of my core studies, will aid and influence me to become a better photographer.  Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy!

Nov 07, 2015

About two weeks ago, I picked up the Profoto B2s after much debate.  While every photographer and gear junkie knows the struggle – do I get the B1 with one more stop of light and no cords?  Will I find the battery pack restricting? …maybe I will just buy both the B1 and B2!  – I ultimately went with the B2s for the following reasons:

  • One stop of light can be picked up easily by changing the ISO
  • I liked how light and small the heads were…and I think my assistant will too.
  • I envision my assistant on a wedding day being more comfortable wearing the battery pack and holding onto a monopod or light stand with a tiny little light than the bulky B1.
  • It is dummy proof (so are the B1s, but anyone who is looking to jump from a speedlight to these should know how easy they are to use.)
  • B2s are cheaper than B1.

Even more important than which ones I got, I should mention why I made the jump:

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