Dec 23, 2015

It is funny how things work out.  The people you meet, the places they go, the lives they live…and how it can all come full circle.  In addition to being a photographer, I also teach high school.  I get the question all of the time – when are you going to quit teaching?  (Answer: not soon. I have too much fun teaching.)  One of the greatest aspects of teaching is the relationships you make.  Getting to know the students, listen to their goals and dreams, watching them grow as a person…it is one of the most rewarding jobs.  Lucky for me, Jordan Doww was one of my students back in the day (insert mass of teenage guys and girls screaming here.)  At the time, he wasn’t THE Jordan Doww, but he was well on the way.  So when I saw that he was coming home to Detroit for Christmas, I emailed him and said, “Let’s shoot!”  Coffee, coneys, and a few hours later, this is what resulted.  Scroll down for more Jordan Doww photos. 

Jordan Doww photos

Jordan Doww photos

Jordan Doww photo

Jordan Doww photos in Detroit Youtube Star Jordan Doww photos

Youtube Star Jordan Doww photos in Detroit

Jordan Doww photos


It was great to catch up with him, hear how life in LA is treating him, projects he has been working on, and what’s next for him.  Throughout our shoot, I found it interesting  how the roles were reversed – the teacher was learning from the student.  Jordan is well-versed in business, marketing, tech, YouTube and has a great pulse on what’s next for the millennial generation.   Even though he spends his time in LA, you can’t take the Detroit out of him.  Before our shoot wrapped up, he requested we stop to grab a coney.  The debate was real – American or Lafayette Coney Island.  We stood in an empty street, looking at the building like two confused tourists, only we weren’t.  Neither of us wanted to proclaim our allegiance first.  In the end, the table at the window was calling our name and we realized lunch wasn’t so much about the coney as much as it was about the conversations.

You can check out more of Jordan at the links below:






It was great to catch up with an old friend and take more Jordan Doww photos. 

Dec 01, 2015

Facebook can be an interesting thing.  People use it for all kinds of things – self-promotion, “stalking” someone you know, living vicariously, new updates, cat memes, you name it.  We have all been on it long enough and know someone who uses it for its unintended purpose.  Ironically, I found myself to be one of those people.  About two weeks ago, I saw Kenny’s profile picture and thought, “I need to collaborate with this guy.”  (Full disclosure: I knew his brother and we have mutual friends but have never crossed paths.) Luckily, Kenny was cool enough to see the potential collaboration and agree to it.

Like myself, Kenny Spear is an artist.  He is multitalented – singer, guitarist, beatboxer, songwriter, actor – and is making a name for himself around the Detroit music scene.  He has singles on iTunes and followers on Vine.  The guy has got talent and the look to go with it.  What struck me about Kenny though wasn’t his talents, but his story.  After spending some time touring around Detroit, we took a fateful ride on the People Mover where he opened up about why Detroit means so much to him.  His story is moving.

Next week, Kenny will be sitting for my first official installment of my personal project “Conversations,” where people who interest and inspire me sit for a session.  Part photography.  Part storytelling.  I don’t know where the session will go; it is just an unscripted conversation with photos and lessons as a result.  Until then, here are some promo shots we took of Kenny and Dirty Rotten Threads, a local clothing company looking to carpet men’s fashion.

Kenny Spear Detroit Dirty Rotten Threads Clothing 1

Kenny Spear Detroit Dirty Rotten Threads Clothing Detroit People Mover

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