Feb 22, 2016

“Hi, I know this may sound weird, but I came across your work and really like the way you capture moments and edit in a natural way…do you have next Sunday open to shoot my wedding?”

It isn’t every day that I receive a call like that, but last week I did.  When a bride is calling you 9 days out from her wedding, it is like sending out the Batman signal in the sky. SOS!  Help!  So I called Brooke back, cleared my schedule, and drove out to Ann Arbor to meet with her and help her plan the timeline, locations, and logistics.  Two coffees and a lot of laughs later, we were ready for her wedding.  Brooke, being a U of M graduate, wanted to incorporate every Wolverine’s dream – to walk on the field of the Big House – into her special day.  Luckily for me, it made one of my photography dreams come true as well.  A unique location such as the Big House always gets the creative juices going and makes for great wedding photos.

Brooke and Casey started their day with a First Look at the U of M Law Quad, another one of Ann Arbor’s iconic locations.  The unusually warm February weather made spending the day outside enjoyable.  When we finally got to the football stadium, we all shared a fun moment when Brooke, the only one of us who went to U of M, commented “What is with you guys?  You are more excited than I am to be in this tunnel!”  And she was right.  Casey and I wanted to run through the tunnel onto the field, jumping and slapping the “Go Blue” sign on our way out.  We restrained, but secretly lived vicariously while in the tunnel.  Besides the photos on the field, one of the best parts of the Big House was when Brooke showed all of us her Heisman stance while in the locker room.

These are from yesterday’s same day slideshow.  More photos to come as I edit their entire wedding portfolio.


Weber's Ann Arbor Bride Wedding prep

First Look U of M Law Quad

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