Sep 27, 2016

If Ianna and Cameron look familiar, it is probably because you have seen them sprinkled throughout my website.  Sure, they are both aesthetically pleasing, but that isn’t what makes them attractive.  The instant chemistry that occurs when they are in each other’s presence makes these two so photogenic. Toss in some of Detroit’s best wedding venues, and they are guaranteed to have a beautiful wedding experience.  Ianna had a DAC wedding. 

Cameron and Ianna had one of the most fun, elegant, and memorable weddings of the season so far.  Their day started off in the suites of the Detroit Athletic Club, where Ianna’s mermaid Vera Wang dress hung like a masterpiece of art.  Ianna excitedly got dressed and ready for her first look with some help from her bridal party and family.  At the same time, Cameron and his groomsmen got ready for their DAC wedding in an executive suite.  With the Olympics on in the background and jokes and jabs flying between them, Cameron donned a tailored tuxedo the Rolex and bowtie his grandfather wore on his wedding day.  These two articles have been passed down generation to generation for the groom to wear on his wedding day.


Cameron was waiting for Ianna in the Reading Room.  Their first look was soft and intimate.  The golden wallpaper and framed art served as the perfect backdrop for classic portraiture of Cameron and Ianna. Following their First Look, we took the entire bridal party to the Casino on Detroit’s Belle Isle.  Belle Isle is quickly becoming one of Detroit’s hottest locations for wedding photography.  With a clear view of the Detroit skyline on the south end of the island and various pieces of architecture to use as backdrops, Belle Isle has a lot of offer in terms of wedding photography.

After Belle Isle, was drove into downtown where guests were arriving at St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church.  Personally, this is my favorite church in Detroit to photograph in.  The long center aisle is illuminated by rows of tall windows, offering me an opportunity to create a series of shots as the father-of-the-bride and the bride herself walk down the aisle.  True to form, Ianna and Cameron shared some laughable moments even during their ceremony.  (The priest did crack a memorable joke on Ianna’s behalf.)

Guests were christened with live music, memorable toasts, and the collaborative love of family and friends following the ceremony.  You couldn’t ask for a better day.  BTW Photography specializes in DAC weddings


Bridal prep for Detroit Athletic Club DAC Wedding

With some help from family and girlfriends, Ianna transformed from beauty into bride for her DAC wedding. Bridal prep for a DAC wedding Groom prep at the Detroit Athletic Club DAC wedding First Look at the Detroit Athletic Club Wedding DAC wedding Bridal Party at the Belle Isle Casino Wedding Bride and groom at the Belle Isle Casino Wedding Belle Isle Casino Wedding

The wedding ceremony itself took place at the beautiful Saints Peter and Paul Jesuit Church in Detroit.  It is the oldest, continuously operating church in Detroit.  After mass we headed to their DAC wedding.
Wedding at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church Detroit

Before their grand entrance, Cameron and Ianna shared a few intimate moments.  Shooting through the beveled glass door created a unique reflection of their quiet moment.   They had a beautiful DAC wedding.Detroit Athletic Club DAC wedding Vera Wang dress

With the band serenading them, Cameron and Ianna enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife. First Dance at a DAC Wedding

A Detroit-based, award-winning photographer specializing in DAC wedding is BTW Photography.

Sep 22, 2016

Sometimes as a photographer, I get to act like a magician.  While the photo below wasn’t the greatest “trick” I have ever created, it was fun to envision it and make it happen.  Whenever I shoot, I look for geometric shapes, lines, perspective, light, and darker backgrounds.  I like shooting against darker backgrounds so the bride’s face and dress are the brightest part of the photo and the background isn’t distracting.  If done the opposite, the background becomes blown out and can be brighter the subject.  Who wants that? Check out our behind the scenes with the Profoto B2.

When I saw this bridge at Wyndgate Golf Club in Oakland Township, I knew that I wanted to use it for several wedding portraits.  It was high noon and full sun on their wedding day – not the ideal conditions for a photographer.   See any clouds in the blue sky?  Me neither.  While the bridge and location is pretty and serene, I found the trees to be a bit to distracting.  Instead, I wanted to mute the whole image and make the bride a groom pop.  Enter: off camera flash!  Brides: if your photographer advertises that they are a “natural light” shooter, run!  That is a marketing scheme for saying they haven’t learned flash or that it is too complicated.  In my opinion, it comes down to laziness.  Flash opens up a world of artistic opportunities.

Anyway, I brought in my trusty Profoto B2 with a 30 degree grid on it.  My settings were used to cut as much of the natural light out as I needed: ISO 50, f/8, 1/2500 sec.  That allowed me to expose the lake and background as you see it.  Then, I added in the flash to illuminate the couple.  Edit out my assistant and the distracting white poles and the reflections, and within a few minutes, you have beautiful piece of art to hang on your walls.  More behind the scenes with the Profoto B2.

Behind the scenes Wedding photo on bridge Before and after wedding photo with Profoto B2

As beautiful of a photo as this is, it isn’t really that difficult to do.  With a little vision and knowledge of how the camera works with flash, you can create stunning images like this, even in midday sun.  More behind the scenes with the Profoto B2.

There are tons of reviews out there for the Profoto B1 and B2 lights.  While I am not looking to give an in-depth review, I will say, the Profoto B2 is by far one of my best purchases (next to my first full-frame camera, 70-200mm, and Sigma Art lenses) that I have made in the nine years of my wedding photography career.  It is light, portable, powerful, and dummy proof. Any idea you have that includes an off camera flash, the Profoto B2 can handle it.  Yes, the B1 has more power and is more versatile if you have two of them since there is no cord…but for the way I work I have found the B2 to do just fine.  Read on for more behind the scenes with the Profoto B2.

Thanks for reading my behind the scenes look at one of my favorite images from Jeff and Gina’s wedding.

Sep 22, 2016

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is creating a same-day slideshow to show the guests at the reception.  While some guests enjoy themselves dancing, others gather around the slideshow and get a sneak peek into moments from the day they weren’t present for.  Jeffery and Gina got ready at the beautiful Wyndgate Golf and Country Club in Oakland Township.  It was the perfect venue for them to share their first look and wedding formals.



Sep 20, 2016

After spending the day with Cloryssa and Jason during their engagement session, I was already starting to get excited for their wedding.  Cloryssa, with her radiant beauty, and Jason’s relaxing charm showed in every photo.  I knew their Wabeek Country Club and Kirk in the Hills wedding was going to be a gorgeous and memorable affair.

So far in my career, I have been pretty lucky.  In nine years of shooting, I haven’t had a single wedding where it rained during photos.  Sure, a sprinkle here and there, but nothing that we couldn’t work around.  (Kate and Albert came pretty close but we still got a few photos outside.)  With Jason and Cloryssa, my luck ran out.  It didn’t just rain; it downpoured.  For hours.  And hours.  We had planned to use the beautiful grounds of Wabeek Country Club for their first look, ceremony, and formals, but we stuck inside.  Luckily, with a little bit of creativity, we were able to transform the interior of Wabeek into beautiful backdrops for their wedding.  How?  The the use of perspective and off camera flash.  PSA to all brides-to-be: your photographer MUST be comfortable with off camera flash and have various modifiers on hand to control the light and create moods with that light.  If a photographer advertises solely as a “natural light photographer,” run.  For me, my light of choice is the Profoto B2 with the 2 foot octobox, 33″ shoot-through umbrella, and the Profoto Grid Pack.  With these three modifiers in hand, I can create various and distinctive lighting scenarios to compliment the moods and emotions felt on a wedding day.

Following the ceremony, the rain stopped just long enough for the bride and groom to head to the beautiful Kirk in the Hills Church in Bloomfield Hills.  Kirk in the Hills is one of the most beautiful churches in all of Michigan and served as a majestic backdrop for their wedding portraits.  With just under 30 minutes to shoot, we hustled around Kirk in the Hills and created wedding photos that are truly regal and timeless.  Kirk in the Hills Wedding are often voted as the #1 wedding venue.

If the day wasn’t memorable enough, Cloryssa and her dad surprised everyone at the wedding with an epically choreographed first dance.  My favorite part of the dancing though was the 85-year old grandma who didn’t leave the dance floor and was a dance partner with nearly all of the guests.  BTW Photography specializes in Kirk in the Hills wedding. 

To see more of Cloryssa and Jason’s Wabeek Country Club and Kirk in the Hills wedding, click here.


Bridal prep for Wabeek Wedding Bridal prep at Wabeek Country Club Wedding Bridal portrait at Wabeek Wedding Bride and groom at Kirk in the Hills Wedding Groomsmen at Wabeek Country Club Wedding Wedding Ceremony at Wabeek Country Club Wabeek Country Club and Kirk in the Hills Wedding Wedding formals at Kirk in the Hills Bloomfield Hills Kirk in the Hills Wedding Kirk in the Hills Wedding Photos Bride and groom at Kirk in the Hills Wedding

Wabeek Country Blub Wedding Lasting Touch Flowers

Wabeek Country Club Wedding Wabeek Country Club Wedding Reception

Flowers were creating by Nicki at Lasting Touch.  I have worked with Nicki on several occasions and am always impressed by her creative eye, preparedness, and professionalism.  She truly cares about bringing her clients’ visions into fruition.

DJ and entertainment was provided by the Elysium Experience.  I have worked with Nicholas and his crew on several weddings and am astounded by their scientific approach to audio.  They don’t simply set up two speakers and point them to the crowd.  Everything they do is fine-tuned with a scientific approach to ensure the best quality.  Elysium Experience provides DJ services, lighting, and live entertainment with various genres of musicians.  BTW Photography is a preferred vendor of Kirk in the Hills Wedding.  Kirk in the Hills Wedding are the most beautiful weddings in Metro Detroit.