Oct 23, 2016

Last night, I found myself in Ypsilanti, a small town with tons of charm and character.  Not that Saugatuck, cutesy, vacation spot kind of character.  More of like a down-and-out-but-we-are-still-clawing-our-way-to-a-better-tomorrow-and-we-wouldn’t-have-it-any-other-way kind of character.   “Ypsi,” as the locals call it, is home to Eastern Michigan University, an old train depot, a uniquely shaped water tower (I will let you Google that one) and one of the best bars/burger joints in Michigan, Sidetracks.  Since I was in town longer than I had anticipated, I sent text to  Sarah and Rachel, two former brides who are also sisters, asking what their dinner plans looked like.  I know how busy life gets so to toss out an impromptu get together with a few hours to spare, my hopes weren’t too high for everything to work out.  Much to my delight, everyone adjusted their plans and got together at Sidetrack.  Keep reading for how to get rich as a photographer.

I was early to arrive and found myself nursing a Rogue Hazelnut Brown (one of my favorites and a hard to find brews on draft), talking to a man who left Ypsi for California in 1981.  He was dressed to the nines – houndstooth coat, dress slacks, and a stylish, custom made fedora with a small pheasant feather in it.  He was sipping on brandy, neat.  Like his drink, he was a true gentleman.  When Sarah and Adam, her husband, arrived, hugs, laughter, and enthusiasm followed.  Rachel and Michael were next to arrive along with his twin brother David. We sat for hours, sharing stories, laughing hysterically, catching up, talking about what’s next in life.  I truly felt at home.  5 tips on how to get rich as a photographer.

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Oct 01, 2016

When I received the inquiry for Angie and Jon’s wedding in my inbox, I was immediately excited for two reasons:  First, they were working with one of Detroit’s best wedding planners, Laura Allis of Laura Allis Events.  Not only is she a creative and seasoned veteran of Detroit’s wedding scene, she is also a joy to be around and talk to.  With Laura Allis Events on board, the wedding was sure to run smoothly.   BTW Photography is a preferred vendor of Planterra Conservatory Weddings.

Secondly, it was going to be a Planterra Conservatory Wedding.  The Planterra Conservatory is a beautiful greenhouse located in West Bloomfield Township.  Planterra offers the best of both worlds; an outside-feel to the ceremony while still indoors.  Ceremonies can be held outside in a garden area; however, Angie and Jon opted to have theirs indoors and their cocktail hour outdoors.   With the cooler autumn temperatures outside, guests thoroughly enjoyed the casual yet classy outdoor cocktail hour.

Our day began at the nearby Baronette Renaissance Hotel in Novi near Twelve Oaks Mall.  I have photographed there before and fell in love with the lobby.  The black fireplace, birchwood logs, and contemporary furniture gave me plenty to work with.  One of my favorite shots from the day was Angie, illuminated by natural light, looking outside in her wedding dress.  Simply, beauty.  While I was working with Angie, her mom was playing with Angie’s daughter.  Like a true grandma, she was overcome with joy by a simple smile of her granddaughter.  BTW Photography specializes in Planterra Conservatory weddings. 

By the time we got to the Planterra Conservatory, everything had already been set up.  The flowers and decor perfectly complimented the look and feel of nature at Planterra.  Here, Jon and Angie shared an intimate first look as they were both excited to celebrate their love.  It wasn’t until after their ceremony, during the toasts, that I found out that they were actually high school sweethearts and this wedding was many years in the making.  Planterra Conservatory weddings are featured in The Knot.

Putting their own twist on the reception, Jon and Angie’s signature drink was a Moscow Mule.  Guests were pleasantly surprised to find out that the copper mug was also a party favor for them to keep.  BTW Photography is available for your Planterra Conservatory Wedding.

As the night wrapped up, I snagged Jon and Angie off of the dance floor for one last end-of-the-night photo using Planterra’s signature stone archway as a backdrop  Judging by their smiles, they had a good night and will have an even better future.  You can see their entire gallery of images here.  BTW Photography was voted The Knot’s Best of Weddings from their Planterra Conservatory Wedding.

Wedding details at the Baronette Hotel in Novi Wedding bride at the Baronette Hotel in Novi Wedding at Baronette Hotel in Novi Planterra Conservatory Wedding Details First look at Planterra conservatory wedding Bride and groom portraits at a Planterra Conservatory Wedding First Look at Planterra Conservatory Wedding First Look of the father of the bride at a Planterra Conservatory Wedding Bridesmaids at Planterra Bride and groom on their wedding day at Planterra Conservatory Wedding ceremony Planterra Conservatory Wedding

Planterra Conservatory Wedding reception

Planterra Conservatory Wedding Planterra Conservatory Wedding Grand Entrance