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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”                                                — E. Steichen

Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding A few years ago, I photographed Ryan and Katelyn’s wedding at Detroit’s Sweetest Heart of Mary.  That wedding was special and memorable to me because not only have they become dear friends to Becky and myself, but it was also so. much. fun!  Katelyn had a team of bridesmaids, one of […]

Dan + Kristen’s Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding

August 20, 2018

Lessons of a Business Owner Today, BTW Photography turns ten years old.  It sounds weird to celebrate the “birthday” of a business, but it just like a child, this business is a living, breathing entity that has consumed my thoughts, worries, time, energy, hopes, and dreams.  As I celebrate this milestone today, I have been […]

Lessons of a Business Owner

August 14, 2018

Northville Hills Golf Club Wedding About two years ago, I met John through one of the most rousing, hilarious, and memorable Best Man speeches I ever witnessed.  Somehow, he effortlessly strung together embarrassing stories, compliments, and political humor that became a speech of legendary status.  When he emailed me to let me know that he […]

Northville Hills Golf Club Wedding

August 12, 2018

Island House Wedding on Mackinac Island Have you ever had so much fun in a night that the more stories you and your friends tell, the more memories start to come back?  That feeling of, “OMG! Yes! That did happen…you are right!” was the feeling I got as I edited Mark and Pam’s wedding.  There […]

Island House Wedding on Mackinac Island

August 9, 2018

Katie + Kevin’s Wedding at the Detroit Athletic Club When I first met Katie and Kevin, I met the whole crew!  Katie, Kevin, their parents, and myself were crowded around a small coffee table at the DAC, looking at albums, talking about their wedding, and discussing how I would be able to help.  I felt […]

Wedding at the Detroit Athletic Club

August 2, 2018

Captain’s Club Grand Blanc Wedding Lisa and Karl…I don’t even know where to begin or what to say.  I can’t think of a nicer or better couple to work with.  I feel like I say that about all of my couples, but it is true.  Most of my couples find me through word of mouth […]

Captain’s Club Grand Blanc Wedding

August 1, 2018

Wedding at Petruzello’s Banquet and Conference Center When I meet with Valmire and Ryan, it was like getting together with old friends.  Valmire and I shared a love for teaching and classroom stories (we both teach high school.)  Ryan and I share a not-so-obvious love of all things quirky and nerdy.  Instant friendships aside, I […]

Wedding at Petruzello’s Banquet and Conference Center

July 31, 2018

Gem Theatre Wedding I feel like all of my blog posts start the same way and have a common theme: I have known the bride and groom for a while.  I suppose that is actually a really good thing: it reminds me how lucky I am to work with awesome people and receive referrals.  Regardless, […]

Gem Theatre Wedding in Detroit

July 16, 2018

Lindsay + Travis’s San Marino Club Wedding Have you ever met someone who was so kind and warm that their sheer presence was felt in a room?  That is Lindsay.  Lindsay is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  I joked with her that there is a special place in Heaven for people […]

San Marino Club wedding – Troy, Michigan

July 11, 2018

Cliff Bells Detroit Wedding Kathleen warned me, “It is going to be a fun wedding.”  Her warning was more like an understatement.  Not only from a fun aspect, but from a beauty and memorable aspect as well.  Kathleen and Aaron had a Cliff Bells Detroit wedding reception, which was preceded by their ceremony and an […]

McGregor Conference + Cliff Bells Detroit Wedding

July 2, 2018

Wedding Photography at Sycamore Hills Golf Club Kristen and Lance met in high school; he was the outgoing, gregarious, life of the party.  Kristen was the reserved, quiet girl.  Even though they both went to high school together, they didn’t really cross paths until they attended a church camp, where Kristen caught Lance’s eye.  The […]

Wedding Photography at Sycamore Hills Golf Club

June 20, 2018

Anyone who has been a long-time reader of this blog (which basically means my mom) knows that I have long said, the best part about being a photographer are the people you meet.  This business as come a long way.  I started off photographing (i.e. begging) people that I knew in order to build a […]

Z Lot Engagement Session

June 12, 2018

Lindsay and Kyle had a Fort Street Presbyterian Church wedding in Detroit.  I had shot there once before for a wedding I did a few years ago and fell in love with the grandeur of history of the church.  When Lindsay and Kyle told me about the details of their day – a Fort Street Presbyterian […]

Fort Street Presbyterian Church Wedding

June 6, 2018

It only takes a few minutes after meeting Sarah to know she is a polite, friendly, and generally happy person.  Throughout the whole planning process, she was calm and had a sense of whimsical warmth to her that made being in her presence like visiting an old friend.  I knew her and Matt’s wedding was […]

Detroit Eastern Market Wedding

May 31, 2018

Heather was a tour guide showing potential students the campus.  Eric was a track and field/javelin thrower with the nickname of Thor.  It wouldn’t take much, nor would it be long, before they caught each other’s eyes and became inseparable.  Hearing them tell their story during their engagement session was insightful: they took turns telling […]

Palazzo Grande Wedding

May 25, 2018

Ski Patrol Wedding at Nubs Nob The life of a photographer isn’t all that is cracked up to be.  I spend way more time than I like in front of a computer (read: at least 4 hours per night.)   Anytime I can find a distraction, I jump on it. Looking at her phone, my […]

Ski Patrol Wedding at Nubs Nob

April 17, 2018

Winter Wedding at the Inn at St. John’s Plymouth Jackie walked into my office with her best friend and Matron of Honor, Ashley.  She was part anxiously nervous, part anxiously excited.  Like most brides, she wasn’t sure how the whole consultation/booking/wedding photography was supposed to go.  What questions am I supposed to ask?  How can […]

Winter Wedding at the Inn at St. John’s Plymouth, Michigan

February 25, 2018

Millennium Park Proposal Chicago It was a wild 48 hours: 9 inches of snow blanketed Detroit with no end in sight.  Jackie and Chris had a gorgeous wedding at the Inn at St. John’s.  Get home, charge the batteries, download the photos, back them up, check the back ups, pack, shower, sleep (or nap really), […]

Millennium Park Proposal Chicago

February 15, 2018

Grosse Pointe Academy Engagement Session If there were two words to summarize everything about Kristi, Brandon, and this shoot, it would be serendipity and enthusiastic.  Grosse Pointe Academy Engagement Session Kristi and I met serendipitously.  She was a guest at one of the weddings I attended.  We sat at the same table during dinner and shared […]

Grosse Pointe Academy Engagement Session

January 26, 2018

Harbor Springs Nubs Nob Bay Harbor Wedding I am not one to share too much of myself online or on social media, but I have a few loves in my life.  Photography, my wife, Capone, my dog, and skiing are at the top (in no particular order). I have been skiing since the age of […]

Harbor Springs Nubs Nob Bay Harbor Wedding

January 20, 2018