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II Gather More Wedding – Monet + Trevor

It was a phone call I dreaded making.

“Hey Monet, it is Brian. I am sorry if I am the first person to deliver this news but, your venue has declared bankruptcy and has cancelled all of their weddings.”

“I know,” she replied calmly. “Don’t worry. They gave me a call and assured me they would honor my day.”

I was worried. I know how much planning, emotions, and thoughts go into every wedding. To have this curve ball be thrown at a couple a month before their wedding; I was worried. It was completely out of my hands, but I always want to provide the best experience for a couple on the wedding day. I have to give them credit, II Gather More Event Venue, the new owners of the event space, did an incredible job stepping up and making Monet’s wedding day run flawlessly.

When I arrived early at II Gather More, everything was already set up. Decor, details, and even the ceremony space was prepped hours in advance, ready for Monet and Trevor’s wedding. This is less common of an occurrence, so I took the opportunity to photograph the empty event space before I started my day.

II Gather More wedding

I love the hanging Edison bulbs in II Gather More. I knew they would add to the warm ambiance of the first dances later on in the evening.

II Gather More wedding

Both Trevor and Monet got ready at II Gather More. Separate rooms on opposing side of the venue made it easy to stay a part of the action, photographing them as they got ready. I started with Trevor and his groomsmen.

Trevor and Monet are dog lovers. Monet and her mom even own Bark Avenue Play & Stay, a dog care facility. Naturally, when it came time to choose a ring bearer, their trusted companion Prince was the first choice.

Across the street from II Gather More is a local park that is perfect spot for weddings looking for a nature backdrop. I photographed here before and it never disappoints.

Trevor and nearly all of his groomsmen are mechanics. He asked if he could incorporate his truck into the photos. I asked him “What do you have in mind?” Trevor smirked.

With the guys all prepped, it was time to check in on the girls. White Claws floated around as laughter and music filled the air. It was a fun start to an even better day.

Meeting Monet for the first time, I felt this warm, humble, caring energy from her. I normally don’t focus on or notice those feelings, but it radiated from Monet. She was even looked the part as her linen sundress fell flawlessly on her. At that meeting, we talked about her wedding dress, something I never do. She already had it picked out and it was exactly as I expected: fitted, flaunting, and flawless. With the wedding dress on, Monet was breathtaking.

II Gather More wedding
II Gather More wedding

Trevor and Monet gave each other cards and gifts on their wedding day. Trevor’s words brought Monet to tears. As high school sweethearts who have been dreaming of this day, Trevor had a lot to say.

As guests started to arrive, Monet wanted to share a special moment with her dad before he walked her down the aisle.

II Gather More wedding

The ceremony itself took place outside under a beautiful pergola. Guests comfortably watched from their seats.

II Gather More wedding
II Gather More wedding

A few minutes later, Trevor and Monet’s dreams finally came true. They were married.

The grounds of II Gather More are conveniently located near Oakland University’s campus and provide a nice backdrop for nature-filled photos.

After guests found their seats from cocktail hour, it was time to celebrate.

II Gather More wedding
II Gather More wedding
II Gather More wedding

Congratulations Trevor and Monet! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. Special shout out to II Gather More – you did a phenomenal job executing a flawless wedding.

September 9, 2019