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One Click – Blue Heart Wedding Dress

My favorite, unexpected aspect of being a wedding photographer is the relationships I form with my clients.  I don’t even like calling them “clients” because it sounds so cold, so transactional.  Honestly, throughout the whole wedding process, we become friends.  And throughout the befriending process, you share stories.  Annie was no different.  Her story is beautiful, her heart is warm, and her personality naturally makes those she is around want to open up.

Today’s One Click is less about the technical side of a photo and what thought went into shooting it and more about the story.  Keeping with tradition, Annie incorporated “something blue” into her wedding – a heart sown from her father’s favorite dress shirt.  Annie’s father was an entrepreneur; a hard working business man who, from all the stories told and photos framed throughout the house, loved life and his family more than anything.  If he was anything like his wife, he embraced life, people, and had more energy than people half his age.  He was called to God’s home last year, leaving behind his wife, three children, and a small-town community that loved him.

The wedding dress was flawless.  It hugged Annie and only enhanced her already stunning beauty.  But it was the heart that made it sentimental and perfect.  I always encourage the bride and groom to take a few minutes to themselves, away from everyone and everything, on their wedding day to just be present in the moment – to stop and reflect on the day, the journey that brought them here, and the journey that lies ahead.  In this case, it was Annie and her mom I encouraged to share a moment.  Together, they embraced and looked out over the St. Clair River at a house that raised four generations of her family.  I can only imagine, in that moment of calm, that her dad was standing beside them both and smiling with heartfelt pride and joy.
Blue Heart Wedding Dress St Clair River


Mother and bride blue heart wedding dress river water

July 15, 2014

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